Issue for Type Into Activity

Hello everyone,
I am encountering an issue.When I use Type Into activity with EmptyField opinion,I find that this activity runs without clearing the inputed content last time,it just cleared part of the content which is inputed last time.And the result is that new content is connecting to part of last content,my process is failed.
Does anyone have encountered this issue?Any suggestions can help me?Thanks a lot!

@Vianas Have you tried using Simulate Type checked

I could see that ‘ClickBeforeTyping’ checkbox in the property panel is left unchecked. Please enable it and try again. It will make sure to click the field before typing into it along with the’EmptyField’ property.
Along with that please enable the ‘SimulateType’ activity as it helps bot to type on a field even when it runs in the background


Thanks for your suggestion,but this website has limited this input box,Simulate Type is not working

Thanks for your suggestion.I will try as you said.But I am confused with this activity.As before,it had run successfully in a month,but I had met with this issue for the first time.So if you know th e reason,could you tell me why it is not working?