Type into activity is not working when running robot


I have a sequence with a ‘type into’-activity that is not working even though it is able to select the field. I have a valid selector in UiExplorer, which highlights the correct field, but when running the robot it does not type into the field. I does however, move to the next activity in the sequence, indicating that ‘it thinks’ it has written the text.

I have tried setting anchor, i have tried with ‘set text’-activity and other options, but nothing seems to work.

Please, let me know if you have an idea for a solution

Have you tried experimenting with the simulate type property?

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Yes - i does not resolve the issue. Still no text in the field

Check if the page changes the focus from the desired field before the robot had a chance to type the text (if it’s a web page, it may happen that the field is activated by the robot, before the complete loading of the page, and when the page is fully loaded, the default focus is moved automatically on another UI element) - in this case, you can make it wait until the page is fully loaded.
Also, you can try adding a Click activity on the same field, before type into, and see if that has any effect.

Right now there’s a click activity before, to make sure the page is loaded. I have tried adding more click’s before typing, to ensure that it has loaded, and i have tried adding a delay, but none of them seem to work.

@theisviborg iam facing similar issue, any solution?