SimulateType on Type into activity doesnt work anymore?


Since yesterday, it seems that I have 5 robots that don’t work properly.
In each of them, I’m using an activity “type into” with the option “Simulate Type” activated and it seems that now the “Simulate type” doesnt work anymore. Do you know why?

If I untick the Simulate type then it works now (but this is slower)

Thanks in advance for your prompt feedback

I’m using Uipath Studio version 2022.4.3


Hello @mce

Was it working earlier? Also is there any upgrade to the application or any update happened in the uipath version?


Hello @mce Ids How do you know that it was failed. Is it showing any error. Also, want to know did you update any UI Automation Activities Package. Try this, disable AlterIfDisabled property and see how it goes

Can you please share the error log when simulate type is not working.

No solution found. Workaround used by using copy info to the clipboard and use send hotkey activity CTRL + V to paste the info.

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