Is there anything after completion of Uipath Advanced Certification?

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I have been working on UIPath certification and also I got a really good exposure to the tool.
I completed all the three certifications:-

  1. Foundation
  2. Orchestrator 2018
  3. Advanced (100/100) on both the assignments.

And also have good hands on experience on the same. What else can I do as Uipath developer as far as online platform is concerned?

Also what is the value of Uipath certified RPA developer in the market?

I have completed workfusion certifications too (4 levels of certifications.)!!

Please help me, I am looking for some information regarding the same.

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Can you please help me with 3. Advance Assignment (Generate Yearly Report workflow).
I am totally stuck.


Good Job :slight_smile: man.

There is an increasing demand for UiPath RPA Developers in the Market and its increasing day by day.
Having the UiPath Certification completed adds great value to your resume.

You need to work on various projects which includes Desktop App(s) Automation , working with web apps, working with Virtualized Env like Citrix etc etc…
This would certainly improve your skills.



thanks man.
I am new to the corporate world as I am still a student of final year Btech Engineering. But I am doing an internship here, in Ahmadabad on RPA. So have been working on Uipath and Workfusion. but I dont have too much exposure on workfusion as off now.
What could be the first salary for a fresher as a RPA developer, given that I have completed 3 certifications on Uipath and 4 certifications on workfusion. But as I said kinda less exposure on workfusion.

What kinda salary can I expect?

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Salary depends on Skills and Experience.
The more projects you do and on different environments, the more experience you will have.
Salary also depends on Job Location as well.
Not sure about Ahmedabad.
But in Bangalore, for a fresher, avg salary would around ~4 LPA maybe.

How about in mumbai?
Because I am from mumbai. But I am here, at ahemdabad for my 6 months internship.
Please tell more about fresher instead of expirence. Because I know that experience has value but I am curious about how would I be negotiating as a fresher. Because I certainly dont want to be the someone who dont know his own market value as a fresher. If I get better in mumbai, I’d rather stay in mumbai. Given that my family stays there.

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UiPath have an advanced certification for RPA Developer, this is a paid certification exam which you must approach UiPath sales team to initiate.

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Well is that the different thing than “Academy 2”??

Because I did complete the Uipath Advanced developer certification. and in the certificate it says that it is a “RPA Developer Diploma” and also mentions about “Academy 2” in it.

Yes this is different, it is not a course but a certification, consisting of a theory (1.5hr) and a practical exam (3hr) which can be completed in one day. UiPath calls the achievements at the end of the online courses ‘Diplomas’ which can be gained for free through the Academy, whereas the paid certifications are ‘Certificates’ - to attempt this certification you must have at least completed either the Academy 2 training, or the paid UiPath Advanced Course for Developers (usually available for enterprises) and it would be advisable to have some real project experience before attempting too. The RPA developer Certification in question also only has a validity of one year. if you want to know more, we are Certified UiPath training partner so please get in touch on



congrats, can any one help me advanced certification …is there any links for dumps.

Do we need to have a certain job experience to attend this paid one? Like experience working in certain environments or so? I have that developer certification ( free one). I also heard the paid one is intructor lead. PLease help

Re: the paid exam - I’m not sure that you need any corporate experience per say, though it’s worth noting that UiPath believe that you should have a good amount of .net experience in order to do it.

Unless anything has changed in the past few months, you do not HAVE to have the advanced course taught by an instructor, you can in theory just do the free courses instead - HOWEVER the instructor led course will be much, much better for your learning, although the content is much the same, I can tell you from personal experience that having a UiPath Robot Master there to ask questions discover new techniques is really invaluable and you will get exposed to many, many better techniques than just the free online course

thanks for the reply, so have you taken the paid test? do you know the pattern of questions, or how is it, duration and all?

The advanced certification is in two parts, 1.5 hr theory exam, and 3 hr practical. Thoery is around coding & activities in UiP, the Practical you are given 3 tasks to automate, basic, med, advance. and you will be expected to make an automation to do the tasks.

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you cracked it? Coding in the sense?Hardcore .net required? My coding skills are noob level. So should I wait or what?

I completed Advance Diploma UiPath Certification.Right now I am not working and when I am trying to contact sales team message display : Please enter a different email address. This form does not accept addresses from

Can some one please help me? I want to complete paid UiPath Certification… How can I contact sales team?

What country are you in?