Suggestion needed for RPA developer job search

Hi Guys,
I’ve completed Uipath Foundation,Orchestrator and Advanced certificate(diploma) from Uipath Academy website. I’ve 9 yrs of IT experience but I would like to change the career in Uipath. Could anyone suggest me followings:-
1)How should I show my Uipath related experience in my resume as I’ve not worked on any real life
UIpath based projects?
2)Are there any examples of real life scenarios which I can automate /show as part of resume?
3)Are there any specific modules in uipath /competencies recruiters look for in RPA developer role?

I’m not sure if this is the correct platform (category) to post this type of query.Kindly, guide me in this.Thanks in advance!


Have you completed RPA developer certification in

If not then complete this also.

You may also want to complete the remaining courses such as Business Analyst training and so on. :slight_smile:

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