Is there an easy way to embed images in email body

hello everyone,

until now, i still don’t see any topic that guides on how to easily embed an image in html email bodies. i honestly believe that this should be a basic activity that is supported in uipath.

there are some posts and 3rd party packages, they are helpful so far, but if a company does not want to use those 3rd party packages, there are no other easy option to perform this.

any new ‘simple and easy’ ideas? :slight_smile:

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Hi there…

Have you checked these :slight_smile:

How to add image in email body
Embed image in email using Send Outlook Mail Message activity

Regards :slight_smile:

Hi @Twits_Rombaoa
You can use HTML in the body :slight_smile:

Please check this one:

i did try that before, the image is attached but still not showing within the body of my mail :slight_smile:

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Okay. I will create a sample file. :slight_smile:

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@Jan_Brian_Despi, hello :slight_smile:
did you manage to find a workaround for this? I can’t :wink:

Did you solve your issue?

@Jan_Brian_Despi Did you can share here your example please?

Hi @Twits_Rombaoa,
Please find a custom activity to embed images in outlook mails:

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Same here

Hi all,

I found out that if I gave the ContentId the same name as the document without the path, the it worked for me.