How to send img in email body using send outlook Mail

Hi, I’m try this

and this Sending image in email body using Send outlook Mail
but not work for me in outlook, may be its blocked.
“The link image cannot be display”
Help me please.
Thank you.


Please go through below thread…may be it will help you…

Test Email Embed (16.6 KB)
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thanks you sir. There are 2 problems.
1.outlook to gmail but NOT work because receiver( can’t see Image and work when send from Outlook to Outlook.
2.I see img in outlook on computer but can’t see on mobile either (outllook to gmail),(outlook to outlook)

did u resolved it, I am also facing the issue with @Suchi3190 solution i am using outlook 2016

Test Email Embed (16.6 KB)
Have you try this solution…its working for me.


Try this solution:

First : Add image file as attachment eg.“D:\UIMAIL\Test.png” ,
Secondly : create variable for image name OFSimg:“Test.png”,
Atlast: call the image in outloook body html code, “<img src ='cid:”+OFSimg+“'/Height=80% width=80%>”

do not forget to ticket is body is html. it works perfectly.


I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while and have been going through the various options that may or may not work for some people. Curiously the solution that worked for you, does not work in my environment. The 64bit version did though.
Your file was a great help for going through the various scenarios and finding one that works.
Many thanks,

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hi @JohnMac please try Send Outlook Mail with Image Activity this activity is developed by someone i am also facing the same issue but know my problem is solved first you download the package file and save in uipath after that this activity is appear in your package library

is their any way to send the screenshot in Mail body without saving using save image activity ?

Hi @Chetan_Gandhi

You can try the following way

  1. Convert the imag to base64 and add in html part


  1. instead of file path, use a cloud storage to store the scrennshot and provide the url there

Thanks @NIVED_NAMBIAR for the response

  1. to convert into base64 I need a image path i.e, Convert.ToBase64String(System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(Image.png)) but what i want is not to save the image. so how can I achieve this .