Unable to attach screenshot in the body of the send outlook mail messages activity

Hello RPA developers,
I have been trying to display the sample .png image in the body section of send outlook mail messages activity and I have been storing the image in my project folder, but it not getting displayed.

In body of the mail I’m using: “<img scr=ScreenShot.png”

Final Output in the email:

Thanks in advance!
Manoj Kumar V

@ManojKumarV To send email with embedded image:

  1. Prepare the image to be sent. Ensure that the filename doesn’t have spaces (e.g. “Birthday_Greeting_(Finance).png” instead of “Birthday Greeting (Finance).png”)
  2. In the Send Outlook Mail Message activity ensure that the “IsBodyHTML” field is checked.
  3. In the HTML of the email body, place the tag where you want the image to appear, using the following format: <img src='cid:Birthday_Greeting_(Finance).png' />
  4. Ensure that the file name after cid: is the same name as the image you want to embed
  5. Attach the image file as an attachment in the activity.
  6. Send the email. It should work.

convert the image to base64 string @ManojKumarV
use this module

ConvertImageToBase64.xaml (6.1 KB)

then use the output of the module (out_base64String) in your email body
make sure isBodyHTML = True


You need to attach the image as well in order to display…please attach the same and use the tag also

Hope this helps



Check below video for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi @ManojKumarV

The correct syntax for embedding an image in the body of an email using HTML is as follows:

<img src="ScreenShot.png" alt="Image Description">