Is robot capable of running C# Process?


I have created a UiPath process using C# language and it is working as expect using UiPath Studio (CE) but on publishing it on orchestrator I am getting below data in nuget package
In the screenshot, you can notice that the process files are inside contentFiles folder instead of lib folder and the UiRobot Assistant is looking for project.json inside lib->net45 folder. So I am not sure if it is a bug or is the robot is not capable of running C# processes?



It seems your project type is Template. So can you check your project.json if isTemplate is true?
If it’s true, please modify it to false using text editor as the following, Then re-publish it in Studio.

"isTemplate": false



Hi @palindrome,

Can you please add more details about your problem. What type of process have you made? What Robot version are you using?

The Robot is capable of running C# processes.
You can also try what @Yoichi mentioned above.

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