Unable to run my process from Orchestrator and it runs fine from the studio

I am using the community edition and just created my first process and got it scheduled as well. Job status shows it is successful not carrying the ask which I wanted to automate. I have tested the process in Studio it works fine, but not running through Orchestrator. I have set the Robot as Unattended and run through all of your forum and checked all settings.

Please advise urgently.

Hi, welcome to the community!
Just as you, we need more information to determine why the process is not working, you should put in your code logs so you can know where it is not doing the right tasks…

@prasanna.r - please verify within the project.json that the “main” file is pointing to the correct file. Whichever file you specify as “main” within the project.json will be the one that orchestrator will run

Hi, Please find the below log details I am getting from the Orchestrator. As you can see scheduled jobs says it got successfully completed but no action takes place. I have set the Robot as Unattended it is connected to environment as well. Id is mapped to correct domain as well.


Job screenshot for your quick reference.

Hi Dave, thanks for your quick response. As I am new to UiPath, please advise how do I navigate to project.json to check the main section.

Hy @prasanna.r

Please make sure all of your files referenced are full paths. For example, in a excel scope activity, in studio, if you put only the name of the file Studio will understand it is saved in the same folder as project folder. This may not work properly in orchestrator


I mean you should put log activities in several places in the code so, you will know where the robot stops doing what it should…