Is it possible to without opening the Gmail we Approved the Invoice

Hi expert,

Can you please tell me is there any way to Approved the Invoice without opening the Gmail. Like I sent an Email From the Email1 to Email2 with some invoice attachment. I want to Email2 write the Approved in body and send back the same invoices to Email. Is it possible?

@Palaniyappan, @Jan_Brian_Despi can you guide please.

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Buddy @balkishan

  1. once you get the mail in email 2 with attached you can forward with send outlook mail activity buddy and mention as approved in body property buddy
    Simple isn’t it

Cheers @balkishan

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did that work buddy @balkishan

@Palaniyappan I am using here Gmail bro.

So I have two email I’d First Id I have for Robo and second for Approval.
So I am mailing invoices from the first I’d to the 2nd I’d. Where from the second I have to forward/Reply to the 1st email I’d where I have to write a Approved in the body or Rejected with the same invoice attachment.
Now I have to do it manually like opening the second email and reply/forward the same email to Robo email i’d with written in the boy Approved/Rejected.

I want to Robo do it instead of doing it manually.

From the first email i’d which is Robo email I’d I am downloading the invoices. Hope you
understand it.

@Palaniyappan can I use here Exchange Email Activity. Can you please tell me where do we use this activity.

I want to send the Received email from the 2nd email id to 1st email id. with the body change Approved/Rejected.

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Buddy @balkishan
Yes buddy you can use exchange email activity when your system is not configured with outlook setup buddy and if you want to send to other email service apart from outlook you can use the exchange mail activity buddy

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were able to send buddy @balkishan

Can you please tell what to put in the yellow highlighted marked field.

Buddy @balkishan
This would help you buddy


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@Palaniyappan Bro did you get my requirement what I am trying to do?

Again I am explaining you in details. I have two email address One is for Robot and Second is for Approval Manager. I sent the emails to the Approval Manager with the invoice attachments from the Robot email I’d.
Here is

Now I want to reply this email to Robot email id with the Approval/Rejected status in the body part with attached the same attachment.

I have to do it manually now but I want to robo reply this email.