Email Approve| Reject validation

I’ve been reading this thread and I think i got some solution in my problem.

But i have additional question or scenario that needs to be done by Bot.

  1. How the bot identify if the approver Clicked the Approved Or Reject to that email.

Specific Email Subject

  1. If the Bot successfully Identify that the approver Approved Or Rejected the Approval Request {234632}.

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance

Hello Vincent if the body of mail has only this much data then you can use.
if loop in condition mail.headers(“plaintext”).contains(“Approve Rejected”). then part use excel activities to write data in excel file.

hi sir @Vineet_Joshi
can you show me how to do it?

This is the workflow from the thread above.
SendOutLookMail.xaml (5.7 KB)

hi Actually sir it contains email Body,

EX: (Requestor Email)

Hi Good Day Mr.(“Approver”) i would like to request your approval for the Item(XYZ).

Kind Regards,