Send Exchange Mail Message




I’m trying send E-mail by using “Send Exchange Mail Message” activity, but I don’t know how can I get information for “Properties”.

First, How can I get “Server” name? I found a server name on account setting of Outlook, is it appropriate for “Server” name?

Second, I don’t know what is “Domain”. On my windows, I found “work group” instead of “domain”.



Domain: --> in this email ID you can recognize what is your domain.

Hope my inputs are useful


rkelchuri, thank you.

I solved problem related to domain. Thank you very much.

However, I use Exchange server to send and recieve E-mail, so my information of Outlook is diffrent from one in this movie…


Hi Yuki,
Can you please let me know how you solved this problem. I am also struggling with the same issue… Any help will be appreciated…