Replying and forwarding of emails using activities [ not on the front end]

I’m trying to find out if there are any activities that can reply and forward emails. I don’t want to use the send email activity and copy the body of the email to it since… the emails I receive contains a lot of tables and it does not work if I follow this method.
let me know if there any custom activities or packacges which i can add
Thank you

In that case you can save the mail message as a file with.eml format using save mail message activity and send that mail file as a attachment to the person you want and i hope there is no component been made on this yet…if i get to know will share for sure…
but till then we should not waste the time right…The method would work for sure…
Kindly try and let know buddy
Cheers @Govindan

thanks for the suggestion ill try it out and will let you know.

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sure buddy @Govindan

were you able to send now buddy @Govindan

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