Reply to email via HTML buttons


I’m sending out emails for Finance Approvals which contains a Table in the email body listing the invoice numbers. I am also including 2 buttons (via HTML) for Approve and Cancel. The current HTML for the Approve button has a mailto: command which creates a new email. I was wondering if there is a way to reply to the existing email so that it includes the email body which has the invoice numbers in it. A person may be the approver of multiple invoices so would be helpful if I have the original email body so that the receiver has suitable information.


Maybe you can set the subject and Body also using HTML, so once approve button is clicked it sends mail with predefined body and subject.
Here is a sample stack overflow url to do the same:

Hi @Anas-p-v.

Thanks for the reply. I am able to create new emails via the mailto: command and specify the Subject and Body text, however I want to include the body text from the original email. Just like when you click reply to an email its keep the previous body and you add to it.

Define the html from UiPath. So while clicking on approve, on the mail to properties, set the subject as mail subject using a variable from UiPath.