Can anybody tell how Robo use Gmail to Approve/Reject Invoices

Hi, How can I use Gmail, To Approve/Reject the Invoices?


Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

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In the UiPath demo page only this is mentioned bro not much, If you understand please see the yellow highlighted bro in the below image. Nothing much giving how and which basis Gmail Approve/Reject Invoice. Please help


Where you got this file and first time I am seeing this.

Somebody shared with me on UiPath Go, Just for practice purpose

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Hi @balkishan

Thats again a great question by you and its actually been done in many ot the enterprises as well…great.

See generally a invoice can be approved or disapproved only when it is read with certain data and being conveyed with same mail in return…ok how we would do that…

  1. Its very simple like how we human do it, we will get a mail, open it, download the invoice, look for some information, here make it double quotes, look for some information and then we send a reply as approved or rejected…right
  2. So it all implies that robo can definitely repeat what we do, but instead we need to provide the input with some excel data prior to take a look a at the mail, the answer for the above double quotation…makes sense know buddy… so this is how we do…
    – get mail with get outlook mail activity
    – read a excel which has invoice number and name, beeñ obtained from backed database…or if it is to approved by us as individual just use a variable that saves our name or billing address or shipping address…so that we can compare that with the invoice we get.
    – next use save attachment with save attachment activity
    – read the pdf with with read pdf text or read pdf ocr text, to get certain details like invoice number or shipping or billing address
    – use a if condition o compare the valuebthat we obtained from excel variable and read pdf output variable…
    – based on that we send a return mail as approved or rejected…
    – thats all buddy…you are all done…

Hope this would help you buddy @balkishan

Great job again… I

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Buddy any other details on this topic buddy…

@Palaniyappan Thanks a lot for the explanation bro, But most of the point I didn’t get how to do it.

Which one buddy… @balkishan

  1. Bro, As I understand, first we need to extract the data from the invoices using the Abbyy Right?
  2. But I am confusing in the second point after Abbyy - where Robo perform the data entry of invoices into ZipBooks. [Why I am confused - If you see in the 5th where Robot saves all the extracted data into an excel file. According to me this point should come after Abbyy because after extract the info we saves the data into Excel from excel we’ll do data entry into the ZipBooks. Please right me if am wrong]
    3 I am confused in the point number 4th where Robot send approval request emails using Outlook interface.
  3. In the 7th How robo will validates invoices against contacts terms for aproval.
    5.Robo use Gmail for Approval/Reject invoices
  4. Robo check for new emails.

Please help bro

Buddy @balkishan

    1. Buddy yes we can get the data from abby as well and save the data obtained to a datatable if you want and that would work either…
  1. Buddy usually invoice will be having some basic details about the person to whom it is going to be shipped or item name or the quantity, date like that, we can use those data from invoice to validate and then approve based on that using conditions
  2. Yes robot can be set to read from gmail and i gave example Outlook buddy
  3. Yes you can set a separate folder for this invoive approval Ă lone in the mail inbox and you can use get imap or get exchange mail activity to check for mail frequently in a scheduled. Way

Hope this would help buddy.
Kindly let know for any further queries
Cheers. @balkishan

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