Invoke Method - Question still pending!

Hi everyone,

I noticed looking in a post about ‘Invoke Method’ (‘Use of Invoke Method’) that @Amarjeet’s question was not answered and actually it is my question as well.

The question is simple:

•Method Name: are these method names predefined or User Defined?. I mean, Is there any list of ACCEPTABLE names for this requirement?. So far, these are the ones that is taking: Merge, ImportRow (within a for each row activity).

I ask because whenever you try to use any name as the ‘Method Name’ does not accepted and could not find that answer in other .Net or Documentation about it. They all states what it is but gives no list.

This website really explained it in a decent way, I recommend it (


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What other information do you need? The question you linked was answered in the first reply.

If you need to see a list of methods for a given type you can use the .NET documentation that Microsoft produces. For example, if you wanted to see which methods you could use with a DataTable you would go to DataTable Class (System.Data) | Microsoft Docs and then expand the methods section on the left.

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for reaching out. With respect, I don’t see the list or answer it was requested in original post, now I think we have what I was looking for checking the link you sent. It appears we can get a list there, thx!!!