What are the Invoke methods by default names in UiPath

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Can any one of you please clarify my doubts on Invoke method like what are the methods name which are available in the UiPath which we can use. Suppose we can use Add, Sort and few directly on the method name not anythings. How we will distinguish it and and work according to our need.

Thanks in advance.

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We can use any method of vb net in the activity INVOKE METHOD activity
Where we can mention the target object and the method we need to implement to that object
Like the method we are going to use depends on the object type we are going to use

Were you facing any difficulties in using them
Kindly let know if any

Cheers @Pranav_Kashyap

@Palaniyappan What will be the method if my TargetObject is mail.CC

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Add is the MethodName
But MailMessage.CC is a property, I m yet to try with that

Cheers @Gnaneshwari_Pinna

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@Palaniyappan Yea, try and tell me. It’s not working for me. It says Mail address collection does not have a public instance named ‘Add’

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