Invoke method

i am trying to use invoke method… since am new to ui Path i have few questions related to Invoke method…

  1. In invoke method activity we have method name, TargetType, TargetObject.

but here where we are referring the method. where is the definition for method here.?

can we write method in .net and invoke same method from UIPath.??

or we can invoke the method which are already available in ui path library…?

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we can refer the methods which is already available with the .NET library. we can create custom packages to run our codes. check with custom activities tutorial in uiPath docs. after creating the custom activity we can refer the functions.

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Hi @Divyashreem

Below I have specified 2 example to use the invoke methods . it can help you to understand about it.




hey @Divyashreem

Except Above you can look this Existing thread too :slight_smile:


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thank you soo much, This was the poast craeted in 2017:D

Hey @Divyashreem

I just got noticed . so much posts :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, @aksh1yadav. I noticed you helped @Divyashreem pointing out the other thread but I also noticed no one has been able to answer his question which is my question as well:

•Method Name: are these method predefined or User Defined?. I mean, Is there any list of ACCEPTABLE name for this requirement?

I ask because whenever you try to use any name as the ‘Method Name’ does not accepted.

So far these are the one is taking: Merge, ImportRow (within a for each row activity).


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in this invoke method activity copying all files and sub folders if suppose i want to exclude one of the folders how can we achieve.