Invoke method list

Hello all. Sometime i use invoke method activity.
Where i can find full list of all Method Name for this activity?

I believe you’re talking about Invoke Com Method. Aren’t you?

WE are using i invoke method Activity e.g. when WE want to execute a method from an an Object / a Static class method.

So the available Methods are dependend Form tha class which is Used.

E.g. a Common Task is to Change a datacolumn Position within a datatable column structure. Can be done with the setOrdinalMethod.

Coming Back to your question. In such Case WE can refer to the official documentation
Have a Look Here

Often intellisene helps US for getting a first hint in what is available


There are 3 fields to fill in

I’m interested in the MethodName. Where i can find full list of all Method Name for this activity?

Hey @Arettu63,

I believe the method count is countless since libraries were updated on monthly basis so, I don’t think it’s possible to have all the method names(unless someone provided a dump of method names). It totally depends that how you configured your activity and you can get desired method name in intellisene.

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