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Can any one please tell me how many types of ‘Method Name’ available in ‘Invoke method’ activity. I am unable to find on net. I am trying to add a string of data row ex: variable name ‘SampleDR’ - variable type DataRow to a DataTable. for which I am using ‘Invoke Method’ activity unable to understand which ‘Method Name’ I should provide?

Please help me! Thanks in advance!

Hi @sushmithakiran02,

use can use pre-defined function in

Thanks for a very quick reply!
But, even now I did not find any solution. do you have a list of method types which can be used in Invoke method ex: merge, add etc

lets assume you want to interact with a datatable
the available methods can be checked on the .Net Api for the DataTable class:

similar we do for others e.g. on the api references from the author / publisher when it is available

there is good tutorial for the invoke method activity in Academy please watch it and i need to no exactly what you are going to do with this activity based on that oyu can choose your method/Function go to the Microsoft docs and find out more methods

Hi, we have an activity for this: Add Data Row, but if you really want to use invoke method, let me know.

Thank you very much!
This helps

When I used ‘Add Data Row’ it says “Add data row : This row already belongs to another table.”

use add datarow and instead of passing the row into the datarow field use the other config field and pass YourRowVar.ItemArray


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Thanks it worked

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