Invoke Method names

Where can I find all MethodName in Invoke Method activity:


Hi @Mamata_Shee
Check this

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But here Method names are not given.


Hi @Mamata_Shee
You can get methods names from the variable, for example when u need to interact with Datatable class/ or any other, there are many methods available,

Simmilary for the variable which u need to work with, you can check its corresponding methods and can utlised it here

But I want to use file related method e.g. playing file, stop playing, storing audio file in a variable etc. How can I do that any suggestions?


Hi @Mamata_Shee,

The approach you can use is to go the the .net search website and search for your TargetObject.

In your case it is System.Media : .NET API browser | Microsoft Learn

System.Media contains three further classes. Each of these classes have their own methods. You choose the appropriate class to browse the available methods.

This way you also get to read up a bunch of documentation on the method you are trying to use and learn more about the TargetObject Class as well.

You can repeat this for any TargetObject type to find the associated methods.

Another tip is I would avoid writing New System.Media as TargetObject Invoke Method activity. Instead create a variable for your TargetObject and call that variable in your InvokeMethod. This way you the InvokeMethod does not need to execute an expression.

If you felt this process was tedious, kindly vote on this feature request, where I have pinned down the exact pain point you are experiencing.

Hope this helps you and others :slight_smile: