Invoke Login workflow: Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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I am stuck with Assignment No. 1 . Here’s the screenshot. The error is the title. Also I have gone through the uipath studio docs and did it but I am unable to implement it in the Assignment No 1. Please help.

@Sachin_Hatikankan: This might be caused due to Arguments not having values assigned or null values. Can you please click on Import Arguments and check to see if it has values and assign them as needed.

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here is the screenshot

Still theres an error. Please help

Use writeline activity and check the value of in_config(“System1URL”).tostring @Sachin_Hatikankan

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Like Sreekanth has mentioned, please print these values and see if they are returning null. Also, please check the config file in the Data folder. The config file should have entries for System1URL and System1_Credential.


Yes try to print values and see the results or have them fetched by Assets in Orchestrator

Was this issue ever resolved? I believe I am having the same problem.

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If the arguments have values for them but they are null would it still give the error?

Yes if you are passing an argument it must have a value

Well, in my case even if the value is null (the value to the argument) it doesn’t give any errors , I was missing out on passing a value to the argument that’s why was receiving the error.

HI All,

I am getting the below error when I am running my workflow. please suggest!

Usually, this error can be due to assigning the arguments incorrectly, you can try to check your flow from the beginning to see if you are passing your arguments in and out correctly, especially from you dispatcher.