[ERROR] [UiPath.Studio] [1] Error: UiPath.WorkflowProcessor.Common.Exceptions.UiPathLocalizedException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

After converting from Windows-legacy to Window, I am getting this error Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I also upgraded the packages / dependencies still I am facing the same issue. can you please help me with this.


Hi @Service_Account_svc-rggf0

I think you haven’t passed the arguments properly. or
The null value of variable or argument. A null value for any activity from which you are getting the text from any website. Maybe you have created duplicate variables.

You will get this error in these cases only.

I hope it helps!

Hi @Service_Account_svc-rggf0 ,

Could you let us know if it is happening at a Specific activity during execution ?

On the first run itself its failing and showing this error. I am using RE framework so when I am running the process its giving me below error.

Hi @mkankatala

After conversion do we have to pass argument manually?

Hi @mkankatala ,

Is there any way to find which argument or varaible is unused?

@Service_Account_svc-rggf0 While converting window legacy to window. some of the changes are occurred. So again we have to pass the arguments. If any variable have null it will throws in this case tooo.

To know the variable or argument got error debug the project.
Delete the unused arguments or variables you can delete by Remove unused option in ribbon in UiPath studio.

@Service_Account_svc-rggf0 ,

Could you also maybe check if it is the same when performed a Debug ?

when I am clicking on Debug button still getting the same error. I dunno where I am making mistake… I tried the same suggested by @mkankatala but still getting the same error

If you are free setup the google meet and send me the link. I try to sort out the error.