Invalid Ui Node error

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble to recognize selectors in IE Browser from Studio. It throws error “Invalid Ui Node”

How to fix this issue?

I am using Studio version 2019.7.0
Community Edition EXE Installer

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Hi @achyuth_sai

What is the version of your UiAutomation and System packages?

Also, which activity throws this error? It might be that specific activities will not recognize specific elements. This can most notably happen with a Check activity (from my experience).

Or does it happen directly in UiExplorer?

Hi Loginerror,

I am using default UiAutomation version, click activity while giving the element on where to click it cannot detect selector and throwing this error, it is working fine in Chrome Browser unfortunately the website doesn’t open in Chrome. only IE.

Its like it cant even detect the Elements separately. Entire browser is being selected. its like when we try to work on chrome without installing chrome extension.


I dislike suggesting this, but could you try giving Studio a fresh install?

Please follow this guide:

It might be that some files/some services are either corrupted or not running properly. IE should most definitely not cause any issues.

Hi loginerror,

It worked, a fresh install fixed the issue. Thanks for the help mate.

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It happened again today, can’t recognize elements from Studio.

I have ran out of patience to Re-Install again.

Can you help me with any alternative?

Hi @loginerror ,

I found the root cause of the problem, seems like IE is blocking Studio to recognize elements.

A simple change in the IE Security settings have resolved the issue. Under IE Setting ->> Security Tab → Remove check box for “Enable Protection Mode” Find below screenshot for reference



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