ERROR: Invalid UI node

My flow suddenly started throwing an error “Invalid UI node”
It shows no other information besides the error message.
Everything worked fine last week, now every single UI selector inside my target application throws this error.


May i know which browser are you using.

It’s not in a browser but a locally installed application.

if it is internal application we have to check like is there any security policy in your organization that is not allowing us to get the properties. dud you try use developer tools to get the properties/selectors from your internal applications.

I did some more troubleshooting and it appears other elements do not have the issue the error element has.
The element has a “wait for ready” COMPLETE Target, but throws the error immediately after the previous activity.
See screenshot attached for the UI Explorer settings of the activity.

Anyone can help?

hi @Denislav_Vladimirov
kindly refer below link

hope this helps


Hi @nikhil.girish

My Issue is also not in a browser but a locally installed application like vnoteboom said. Do you have any suggestions?

No @Denislav_Vladimirov

@Palaniyappan any inputs here


@Denislav_Vladimirov Since the selectors are not working, why don’t go for image automation

Hi @ushu

I have a lot of completed transaction(that tells me my selectors works fine), but some of transaction throws this error “Invalid UI node”. And I don’t know when and why this happened(my system error screenshots are my desktop). Do you know when and why this happened? If you know that maybe will help me to figure out what to do :slight_smile:

@Denislav_Vladimirov You mentioned that error screenshots were desktop. Did you check also in that screenshot the application was opened or closed

I think somehow the app has been terminated. I wonder why this happened. Manually the app never has been terminated by itself.

@Denislav_Vladimirov Application terminating in the middle is what causing that issue.

Approach 1 : Now, you have to investigate can the application terminate by itself after some time and then making code changes accordingly

Approach 2: whenever you get exception (Invalid UI node) try to re-login to the application


Thank you for you suggestions! I understand the termination is the problem, but why there is termination in the first place? I hope to find an answer why this termination happened? Is Uipath too fast for the application or something else? What I have to do to avoid this in the future?
The application doesn’t terminate by itself after some time. I mark as System exception the transaction and then re-login to the app after this error and get next transaction, but I can’t try the transaction again, because this transaction with the error can be on page 3 or page 5 or page 99 when I re-login to the app(is dynamic). That’s why I have to avoid this error…