Invalid UI node issue

I am getting Invalid UI node error, when i am trying to record from IE browser. not sure if i have IE extension, browser version is IE11. when i am launching Google in IE and trying to record i am getting the error.


To work with IE Browser, no need to install any Extension. Could you please try once again.

Hi Lakshman,
Thanks for your response, i have tried multiple times but getting same error. not sure if it is some kind rights issue or version issue. i have installed UI path on my office laptop so i am suspecting this could be the reason. but i am able to automate some of the internal web pages of the company.
details of UI path installed on my machine.

2019.6.0 - 6/24/2019
Community Edition
EXE Installer

Exactly the same issue here.
Unable to identify selectors in IE.

Can anyone help … how this issue can be resolved

Enable protected mode in browser