Invalid Machinekey on UiRobot

Hi Guys

It’s a about a fresh installation on a new laptop. In orchestrator I created a new machine, created a new robot and filled in the needed info for that robot, but when I try to connect the robot in UiRobot, I got an error I’m using the wrong machine key.
Anyone knows why?

Hi @Daniel_D

Is Uipath robot services enabled

Ashwin S

Hi @Daniel_D,

Try to type Orchestrator URL; PLATFORM ID/YOUR SERVICE NAME/

You can found ID in URL when you logged in to the platform.uipath

For service name click services when you logged in.

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I cant find any Uipath or UIRobot services under my services so how do I enable it. BTW thanks for the quick reply

Hi @Daniel_D
Is UiPath studio installed in your system

Ashwin S

When I do what you suggested I get following error: Empty Orchestrator api versions!

Yes it is, and if the service isn’t running wouldn’t it give me an error saying that?

By the way I’m using the community version of UiPath


Can you share the screen of Robot details of which you created in orchestrator.
And also please ensure that you have given the correct informations in order to create a robot.

The robot is created, I can’t connect it.
Here the details:

@Daniel_D You needs to give address with account name and service name refer this Post

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Yeah like i said above. Sometimes you should check the answers :slight_smile: