Connecting ui robot to orchestrator

I am trying to connect my uirobot to orchestrator, but its showing invalid machine key, please help what I need to do.

Hi @mohitkumar.gupta,
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Please follow this guide:

I am using the path by first creating standard machine, then creating standard robot, then creating environment, then adding robot to the environment, then copying machine key in the machine section and pasting the machine key in the ui robot, Its shwoing invalid key, What shoul I do?

Please check system name and Domain name

I have referred the video when I had the same doubt. please check

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I am using ui robot version 2019.7. The procedure in the video is very different from the version I am using, In my version of orchestrator, while creating robot, its now showing any machine key there.
What should I do?

Can you go to the view and check.

Iam using very very latest version.