Integration between uipath bot and Microsoft chatbot


How to integrate MS ChatBot and Uipath chat bot? what chatbot have to invoke to start RPA procedure and how to the chat bot receive the rpa result?


I’m also looking for an answer. Thanks for your time


have a look at these threads:


thanks, but it’s not really helpful.
It’s not a problem to create the chat bot, but how can i make it trigger a uipath bot?
Is there no other option than develop an API? Nothing integrated has been developed since?


Ok, i got what you are asking for.

How about the below one?


neither that. I don’t want to create a chat bot with UIpath.

Trying to give a good explanation:

  1. I have a chatbot working through Microsoft Framework, Azure.
  2. When I say something like “change password” to that Chat bot, I want him to start/“wake-up” my UIpath robot to make the changes on an App and send a confirmation Email.


Well in that case you will have to call the api via the Chat bot code
In the pseudo logic you will have to add invocation based on input pattern received.

You may have to explore on below:

This contains various operations suppported by the API

Changes to App and sending email is something you will add to your workflow actions