Chat Bot with NODE-RED

Dear All,

I’d like to know anyone developed / worked on Chat Bot with NODE-RED.
If yes, please get back with the steps involved in the implementation.

Ajith K


May be this could help you buddy @ajithkarat


Hi @ajithkarat

You cannot create chatbot with just node-red :slight_smile:
Try learning Watson Assistant:

Then after that, you can use node-red to complement Watson Assistant

Hope this help. :slight_smile:
Any suggestions, @lakshman and @Lahiru.Fernando? :slight_smile:


HI @ajithkarat

Agree with @Jan_Brian_Despi. Node-Red is kind of a flow based programming tool where a set of tasks are linked together. One task performs something and passes the data to the following task to perform another thing.

So, for creating chat bots, the ideal one would be the Watson assistant because it has more capability towards the end goal of chat bot and easy to build.


We have tried multiple ways but no solution for ChatBot integration in UiPath bot. We have created chatbot in Azure, but without Uipath bot we are sending replies from QnAmaker. Our challenge is we have to send reply from Uipath Bot and communicate with our Company HR DB or D365 for employee information.

Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks!

@Jan_Brian_Despi any thoughts here since you have experience in these stuff :slight_smile:

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Hi Ajith. Have you made the Azure chatbot with MS Bot Framework? If so, familiarize yourself with the Orchestrator API using this guide and you can simply make calls to start jobs/retrieve outputs directly from Azure.

Hi @DeanMauro,
Yes; we have made an Azure Chat Bot through QnA Maker. We need some more information on Orchestrator APIs for ChatBot implementation without QnA Maker. If there is a video tutorial or a PDF Tutorial with necesary steps, it would be of great help to us.
Thank you,
Ajith K