Is it possible to implement Dialogflow ( in UiPath?

I’m currently building a chatbot on Dialogflow, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to link UiPath and Dialogflow together, so a chatbot can send a command (based on a users input) to a robot to execute? Or if this is maybe something that anyone has tried/done?

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Curious to know as we are looking at something similar in my team. Does anybody have any ideas or similar experiences.

@durellio I suspect that the http request function is your best bet, but I have never used it!

Great. My team is also looking into this chatbot + uipath to manage our mailbox helpdesk. Just wondering would it be easier if we connected uipath robot with something offshelf such as zendesk?

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Yes it could be done easily. Here are the steps
1)Create a Azure Function , where you use programming language of your choice to implement functions that will trigger a job in UiPath Orchestrator via its API interface.
2)Take the HTTP Rest API Endpoint for the Azure Function you created and provide it in the webhook option of dialogflow intent , for which you want to trigger rpa.

As simple as that, let me know once you do it.



Many thanks Ganesh, I’ll take a look at this!

Hello @durellio,

Have you done this? Could you please share your result and guideline?


Hi Ganesh,

Is it possible to share the way you have implemented this?


Hi @durellio
Here is the video link for your reference ( this package was taken from Uipath-Go and we did a demo based on that).


Hi @Naveen_tg the video is not playable ? can you please post a working video


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Hi, I’ve done what you want using nodejs, I call the API from node after receiving the dialogflow webhook from intent, hope this will help :slight_smile:

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Hi Lucas
Can you pls share instructions and code to achieve this integration

Hi Lucas,
can you please share step by step procedure with code,
I am a beginner in you path ,need help for a POC,many thanks in advance.