Is it possible to implement Dialogflow ( in UiPath?



I’m currently building a chatbot on Dialogflow, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to link UiPath and Dialogflow together, so a chatbot can send a command (based on a users input) to a robot to execute? Or if this is maybe something that anyone has tried/done?



Curious to know as we are looking at something similar in my team. Does anybody have any ideas or similar experiences.

@durellio I suspect that the http request function is your best bet, but I have never used it!


Great. My team is also looking into this chatbot + uipath to manage our mailbox helpdesk. Just wondering would it be easier if we connected uipath robot with something offshelf such as zendesk?

Is it possible to integrate dialogflow chatbot with Uipath orchestrator robot

Yes it could be done easily. Here are the steps
1)Create a Azure Function , where you use programming language of your choice to implement functions that will trigger a job in UiPath Orchestrator via its API interface.
2)Take the HTTP Rest API Endpoint for the Azure Function you created and provide it in the webhook option of dialogflow intent , for which you want to trigger rpa.

As simple as that, let me know once you do it.



Many thanks Ganesh, I’ll take a look at this!


Hello @durellio,

Have you done this? Could you please share your result and guideline?



Hi Ganesh,

Is it possible to share the way you have implemented this?