UiPath Integration with Microsoft Bot Framework Sample

A new version of the UiPath-Bot Framework integration solution is now available on the UiPath Marketplace

Solution Overview

The solution is based on chatbots built using the Microsoft Bot Framework Composer - a tool dedicated to the development of bot framework based chatbots. Included in this solution are:

1. Pre-built UiPath RPA integration dialogs

These pre-built dialogs provide a configurable way to integrate UiPath RPA with you Bot Framework based chatbot. With these pre-built dialogs, you can:

  • Run and get results from unattended automation
  • Run and get results from attended automation

The dialogs for unattended automation are designed for Automation Cloud.
However, they are completely customizable and can be modified to integrate with your on-prem orchestrator.

2. Sample chatbot

The sample chatbot demonstrates using the integration dialogs.
Designed to help with productivity tasks, it includes the required companion automations for an end-to-end working chatbot with RPA based fulfilment.

3. Webchat interface

For attended automation, the integration relies on using the UiPath Robot JavaScript SDK.
The webchat interface implements logic to trigger and get results from attended automation for conversations through it.
Use the interface as-is, or customize it to suit your needs.

4.UiPath Assistant widget

Need help? Just as your UiPath Assistant for it!
This enables you need to integrate your chatbot with UiPath Assistant by:

  • Providing the resources you need to embed your chatbot into Assistant via a custom widget
  • An integration dialog to retrieve information about the user logged into Assistant from the widget

Next steps

  1. Download the sample:
    Chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
  2. Refer to the user guide for installing pre-requisites and detailed instructions on configuring your solution to get the solution up-and-running!

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