How to run/ invoke uipath workflow from Microsoft chatbot

Hi All,

How can i run/ invoke uipath workflow from Microsoft chatbot ?

@Saikiran - We have a reference implementation available on the UiPath GitHub page that demonstrates integrating a chatbot built using the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS to invoke UiPath workflows.

Access the reference implementation here:

Thanks @Karan for your response. The reference you provided is very useful.

Can you please tell me where can i find RefreshToken, ServiceInstanceLogicalName,
AccountLogicalName, ProcessKey details which needs to be updated in appsettings.json.


@Saikiran - Our documentation at has instructions on how to access the Refresh Token (now called User Key), Service Instance Logical Name (now called Tenant Logical Name) and Account Logical Name of your cloud orchestrator service.

A shortcut to quickly access the process key can be found in item 5.h of the user guide in the sample repo:
Below is a screenshot from it for quick reference