Combine Chatbot with Uipath

I have chatbot built on technology MS Bot Framework(~possibly will be deployed in Azure) and UiPath bots.
Different chatbot commands should run these UiPath bots.
How i can trigger UiPath bots from Chatbot, with orchestrator and without it(only UiPath Studio)?

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Hello, any solutions for my question?

This should probably help for those who want to explore

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Thanks, and, is it possible to trigger UiPath Robot/Orchestrator via API calls from Chatbot?

If you can call a rest API from chat bot and you have an Orchestrator installed, then Yes.

Hello , do have any idea how to do it?
e.g. to call Orchestrator via API?

Hi there,

as I am also working at the intersection MS Bot framework & RPA, I am trying to wrap my head round this topic and was wondering if there a any new insights on this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys,

Have you tried to call Orchestrator’s API in order to trigger robots?

Here’s the documentation for it: About OData and References

If you want to launch the execution locally, please have a look at these arguments to see how it can be done: Arguments Description

Let me know if you encounter any other difficulties.

All the best,

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Hi Bogdan,

thanks for your reply. I got this to work exploiting the Orchestrator API.

Currently, I am trying to figure out which architectural scenario would be best for a non-production pilot (and also, if successful, for latter use in production).

If I get this right, we only use unattended robots and, obviously, strictly rely on the Orchestrator in order to have the required connection to the chat interface. As a robot is the association between machine name and domain/user name, the main challenge we face consists in figuring out how to meet the requirements of the pilot while using the fewest number of entities and how to distribute Studio/Robot/Orchestrator across the architectural landscape: Is it reasonable to have one dedicated machine on which processes are executed once triggered through the chat interface? Should different robots be created on a per-user basis and grouped into an environment on which a particular process is deployed? In any case: An unattended robot that is connected to the orchestrator can be accessed from anywhere. Yet (and sorry for being so ignorant): The requirement still is that the user has to be logged in to the robot machine?

Finally and obviously: Depending on the scenario you propose for this pilot, which licenses would be needed?

Thanks in advande. Greetings,

Hi @Jum,
Try using a bridge between orchestrator and chatbot. i have used node js has a bridge that integrates with orchestrator and dialogflow.

let me know if any issues.

How can i get back the response from RPA

Orchestrator queues are updated and from their node gets the response from orchestrator and updates the chat

How can i do that programatically. I need to get the response through api

It’s basic…follow out sample code…change out queue name that would be sufficient .

Can you please share the link for the code…how to check the queue


Hey Can you share me the functional walkthrough for it

Ok I’ll share…email id?


Thanks Naveen,
You Can share it to

Can anyone tell me, how to integrate uipath bot with botpress chatbot