Run a process using Robot in Orchestrator Sever


today I have tried to run a process using a Robot in Orchestrator Sever

I know the best practice is to use a Server just for Orchestrator

However, I would like to know if there are problems using the same server for Orchestrator and to run a process with a Robot.

Thanks a lot!

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it wont be a problem buddy
because ORCHESTRATOR is just a WEB APPLICATION which can be opened even from your mobile and run the process we want
so it wont be an impact having orchestrator in the same machine where we have the robot as well
but if you want to run the process in UNATTENDED mode then we might need to close that machine and open the orchestrator with a browser from some other machine
as if run from being inside the same machine it wont be a unattended bot, that is the process to be executed even if the system is closed or logged off

hope this would help you
Cheers @naut1lus

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