Running the Processes(Bots) on the server


I have a question, hope you guys would be able to help!

We have multiple agents who would be running the automation which would be on Remote desktops/ Citrix and it is web and application based.

Can we make all processes run on the server where we have the Orchestrator and the Studio set up instead of running the process on each of the agent’s system?

We will have just the bots installed on the agent’s system but we don’t want the processes to run on their system.

Any ideas?


It is not a good practice and not recommended to have the orchestrator, studio and processes running on the same server.

To your question, you can setup everything on the same server which is not recommended.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari

Thank you for your reply.

Any specific reason it is not recommended? The server configuration is very powerful.

The reason we are trying to do so is the agents can then perform other activities while the bot is running on the server.

Also, do you have any documentation/guidelines as to how can I go about setting everything up on the same server, although not recommended.

Hey @voranir

As @KarthikByggari mentioned, it is not a good practice to have jobs running on the same server where the Orchestrator and the SQL server is installed. The reason is, running processes in the same machine/ server could hamper the performance of the Orchestrator and the database. It is very critical to have a separate server for the Orchestrator and another for the database as its performance should be dedicated to the controlling of the robots when you have many robots orchestrated through a central Orchestrator.

The processes you run may use high volume of data that could utilize the processing power, memory and the other resources which could limit the performance needed for the Orchestrating of the robots.

Hence, if you want to reserve the agent machines to run separate processes, the best option for you is to have another dedicated server/ or a separate set of machines to perform the unattended automations… If you are to use a separate single server, think about high density robot incorporation if you need multiple robots

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Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando for the repsonse.