Unattended Robots Installed on the same Orchestrator Server

Hello, I am planning to use a dedicated server for the Orchestrator.

My questions are:

  1. Can I install, deploy, and execute unattended robots on the same windows server where Orchestrator is installed? or do I need a separate server for the unattended robots. I am asking because in the tutorial for orchestrator the orchestrator server is separated from the robot machines.

  2. How can I create an unattended robot environment in a dedicated windows server and deploy a process on a windows server?

  3. Can the Orchestrator be extended using its API or do I need to create my own web application and add Orchestrator featues to it using Orchestrator API and manually develop new features and add them to my own web application?

  4. Are there any standard daily operation guidelines? A checklist to make sure that everything is in order and working fine.

I am new to the windows server usage and am confused if this will work. Any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks!

Hey @haider8645,

this are a lot of questions at once but I’ll try to answer what I know.

  1. Yes. I wouldn’t recommend it for a real productive environment but it works.

  2. Basically you have to add the User from which you want to run you robot from into the Remote Desktop Users Group. (You’ll find this Group here: On Windows Server → Computer Management → Local Users and Groups → Remote Desktop Users) Then you have to add the User Name and Password to the corresponding Unattended Robot in your Orchestrator. But you’ll find more Information here.

  3. This question is not clear to me. Yes you can use the API to develop your own but you can also restrict the Orchestrator per User. Depending on what you need the second way would be much less work.

  4. For what? Windows Server or Orchestrator? For Windows Server please consider other Forums. For Orchestrator I don’t know of any. I would suggest trying out the Demo Orchestrator. For me I make sure that my environment is working by having good Exception Handling in the Processes. So I pass on useful Information to the Orchestrator when the Robot is running into a problem.

Hope this helps a bit.

Regards Bob

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I agree that that was alot of questions in one topic but credit to you for answering :slight_smile:

I can restrict the features of the Orchestrator based on user permissions but is it possible to add new features to the orchestrator instance? Like change the dashboard for my own requirement or the dashboard remains the same as it is given by UiPath?

For the Orchestrator. Yes that is a good idea to have a two way communication between the robot and the Orchestrator for quick problem identification.

Thanks bob!

@Community please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m afraid it is not possible to do it directly in the Orchestrator. But maybe have a look at this. It is a Dashboard for SQL Server. Maybe this gives you some ideas :wink:

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