Install UiPath in University Computer Lab

I am a university professor and need to install UiPath in our campus computer lab for my students who don’t have access to a Windows-based machine. Some students’ Macs are not powerful enough to run BootCamp (or similar) and UiPath.

What is the process for requesting computer lab licenses? The computer lab is a physical lab not cloud-based.

Other products I teach have an online form to request lab licenses, but I cannot find one for UiPath.

Thank you!

have a look here:

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Thank you for your quick response!

I could not find a link on that page for requesting lab licenses, only how to request individual student and faculty licenses.

we would recommend getting in touch with UiPath via the Academic channel

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Thank for the contact link!

perfect so we can close the topic

Hi @cmiles ,
You can see video to install Studio for mac
Requesting new configuration of UiPath machine is quite easy

You can contact UiPath to more support

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After completing the form in the link above (UiPath Academic Alliance Information Request Form), UiPath emailed me computer lab installation instructions.

Thank you to everyone for your very quick response!

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