New to UiPath and need help with installation on a Mac

Dear Community,

I am trying to learn all what I can about UiPath (Research on RPA) to be able to make an implementation proposal for the company where I am doing my internship in Finance & Control.

At the moment downloading UiPath on the computer of the company is not possible due to administrative procedures/ protocols.

I have been trying to download UiPath on my MacBook but I see that there is no software for iOS.
All help is welcome and would love to here what you think.


Jonathan Alberto

At this point, UiPath supports only Windows.
There is no support yet for Mac.

Karthik Byggari

Thank you Karthik. I will figure out how to install windows on a VM on my Mac then.


Jonathan Alberto

@j.alberto - Current releases of UiPath Studio supports only Windows OS. However pls check below link which can help you to use uipath studio on mac.


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Thanks GBK!

Cheers! Let us know if you can able to perform the actions listed in the blog.