Students can't download UiPath on Mac

We are having students download UiPath by signing up for the Academic Alliance and downloading it using the link they receive in the welcome email. The ones with Macs are unable to install it using this link and our university doesn’t have UiPath available for them to access on a virtual machine. Are there any workarounds or solutions to this?


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As of now UiPath cannot be installed on mac…

They need a vm or if dual boot is supported then install windows on mac…please check this for the options available for installing UiPath studio on mac machines

Hi Jess, @Michaela_Rosenmayer and I can help you get it set up in a virtual or physical computer labs. If that isn’t an option, we see many educators have the students work in groups and ensure at least one person has a Windows computer.

That would be great! My colleague and I have been working with Michaela a bit regarding our case study. Are you all available to meet anytime Tuesday (4/11) or Wednesday (4/12) before 2pm? Thanks!

Yes, I just sent you an email!

thanks. I will definitely check out everything you suggested.