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In few weeks I will hold a free a workshop on on topic automation projects with UiPath platform technology, so I am wondering is it possible to install UiPath studio for students (on faculty computers) so that students can work with UiPath studio and get handzone experience on their own?

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there is a community version in UiPath which is free for all they can register usign their own email id and should be able to practice

If they all would work on only few faculty laptops then only those faculty id’s can be used and everyone can create different processes instead of creating multiple accounts on same machine

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Hi @mkriznjak! Thanks for reaching out!

Through the Academic Alliance, faculty and students have access to the Enterprise Studio edition. They can download, install, and activate from the email received after filling in the form here: Download UiPath Studio Academic Alliance Edition | UiPath

I can share some PDFs about installing in virtual and physical computer labs and we can also work with you if you need support on this. Just reach out via email to and I can send them over!

Thanks, @Anil_G, through our Academic Alliance program, we request students and faculty to use our enterprise licenses so they are aligned to the long term support version, don’t auto-update, and can be used in physical or virtual labs. The community version doesn’t allow for this which is why we created the license for the program. Thank you for your response and support with this though!


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