Inquiry about Level 1 Lesson 4 Practise 1

Hi all,

I have few questions regarding this exercise in Lesson 4 of level 1 academy training material.

Initially, the recording function is able to capture all the steps in the lesson. However, some of the selector become invalid thus making the robot to stop with the error message (show at the bottom of this message), after I closed the project and the notepad and reopen to run the project again.

I tried to update the indicate window (the picture being capture by the recording), and this allow to make the invalid status of the selector to valid. Yet, some of the indicate window is unable to update due to there is no stop button for me to ready for next step and restart again to click on the next step. For example, I can update the indicate window for clicking on the Format in the notepad menu, but unable to update the next step by clicking on the Font option.

When downloaded the answer of the lesson provided in the Academy, there is no error appear.

My questions are:

  1. What are the possible mistake I have made and what I can do to solve it?

  2. Why the indicate window of the answer provided is always showing “Image not available”?

  3. I might not able to finish all the necessary lessons to participate in the Uipath developer certification exam. Will there be any extension on the free exam and will I able to access the training lesson freely (like what we can enjoy now) from next year onward?

Thank you for your feedback.

Error from running the closed project and notepad:

just remove the title from that selector as if you look at the notepad window, it does not have that title: Font

Thanks for your reply.

The step is to change the Font style and Font size. So, I have to click on Format from the notepad menu then click on Font then appear a new menu then select the Font style and Font size.

As a said, remove the title from this selector or change Font to an *:

hey @yong19
you are getting the selector from another notepad, to work in any notepad change your title in selector to title=’*’.

ok, I get it but can you guide me know to do it as I am unable to update the indicate window for clicking the Font. This is because the when I want to capture the Font, I need to click on the Format first and I am unable to stop the recording and at the same time click on the Font.