Lecture 4 - first video


I follow the scenario from the video - simple recording and typing to notepad and changing font

Steps to reproduce:

exactly the steps as in the video

Current Behavior:

never accepts clicking the format menu the same way as in the video - it says unreliable element and asks for anchor point - if anchor point selected as the format menu item it goes through but then when I run the recorded action - it never opens the format menu neither it correctly continues with the flow of selecting the new font… Already when I am recording the flow, it does not change the font. Actually none of the elements on my notepad are recognized without asking for anchor point.

Expected Behavior:

correctly open format menu and go further and change the font based on the actions

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: studio

Last stable behavior: never
Last stable version: n/a
OS Version: windows 10 enterprise 64 bit,
Others if Relevant: .NET 4.0, OS build 1703

also, when I rerun the flow, it sometimes does not do anything… it just runs but nothing is happening.

I see that I can maybe check that via SELECTORs but its a shame that it cannot recognize anything on the notepad. at least in my case

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Could you upload a screenshot using UIExplorer on top of notepad?

Hi, here it comes:

this shows up right after I click any of the menubar items. I then have no other choice than to set the anchor and then continue but then sometimes the selector is messed up, and sometimes it works.

did you ever try to click on “No” and click again on format and continue the process.

Yes, I have tried that and then it just resulted in fail of the flow. The selectors were not correctly picked. I also tried it on a different machine with the same result

not sure why it’s not working for you. :frowning: its a very basic automation

I also tried on windows 10 as well as windows 7, if this information is useful at all.

Could it be a missing package?

i don’t think so it’s about packages.
could you please confirm me that are you able to run the workflow given in academy without any error.

else you could try this while recording.
Just Use F2 it will give you a 3 seconds pause then just click on that format and just make hover it till 3 seconds will get end then select that.

In my case,
When the screen popup, i click no.
The mouse will auto move to menu “Format”.
Then continue the step.

hi, did you get a resolution for this? this is happening for me too

Hi All, I am facing the same issue. Could anyone please help me with this. Appreciate your help

Isn’t there anyone to help us with this issue?


Not sure if anyone is still having an issue with this, but thought I would share my solution in case anyone now or future wise needs the info.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Open Notepad.exe
  2. Record the project as a Desktop Recording
  3. Follow the steps of Lesson
  4. When UIPath asks for an Anchor indicate that you want to supply one. Keep recording the steps as instructed.
  5. Open your project in UIPath and make the following edits:
    a. Pull the two created Elements out of the Anchor Box (created by the reporting process) and place then directly underneath where the “Type In” Element is located in the DO box.
    b. Now Delete the empty Anchor box out of your project.
    c. Locate the Element, where it actually is supposed to Click the “Format” Menu item. (It should be the second box moved from the Anchor not the first one.) In the Selector Box click the 3 dots (…) to open the editor and change the XML code to the Following: <ctrl name='Format' role='menu item' />
  6. Run your program. As an optional, but possible aside issue, make sure that Notepad is a maximized window.

At this writing I am going to have others test this process individually using their bots. If successful, (an allowed) I can upload that project directly here. Moderators step in if this not allowed.

Thanks and good luck all.

Thanks Terry.
I used your suggestion of removing the Anchor Box, but there were more issues that needed to be resolved. I guess call this my first UiPath debugged code snipit.
Starting from the top and moving to the bottom Ok button.

  1. Do as Terry suggested, take out the Anchor Box
  2. Anchor Find Element ‘menu item Format’ was not validated in the Selector Editor so click on Indicate Element and click on the Format menu choice in Notepad.
  3. Click ‘menu item Font…’ was also broken. In the Selector Editor the value for cls= had #243545 (I don’t remember the actual number) but looking at other cls values, they all have ‘Notepad’ so I took out the number and replaced with ‘Notepad’
  4. Finally, for some reason the OK button was not validated. After some playing around, if the Font window is visible and you open the Selector Editor, it will be Validated. If you close the Font window and go back to the Selector Editor, it will Not be Validated. I guess since UiPath can’t find the Ok button because it is not there or visible because we closed the Font window.
    Also as a note: When choosing a font, the one you choose, must be one of the 5 or 6 displayed or UiPath will not be able to find it and will fail with an Exception Type.
    This would require more investigation from someone more experienced than I.
    When choosing an option in a scrollable list box (such as fonts), if I manually set the font to Arial (the list box only displays Arial Rounded, Baskerville, Bell MT), how can I then have my robot select Ms San Serif? The robot will fail because Ms San Serif is not displayed on the screen. How do you select an option not immediately displayed in the list box?
    To answer the above question, I noticed the Font window will auto scroll when you press the first few characters of the font. For example, manually set the font to Arial so MS Sans Serif is not displayed. In your robot, just before the Click ‘List item MS Sans Serif’, add a Type Into and have it send “MS” to the font window. The robot will now correctly scroll to MS Sans Serif then choose it (since it is now visible on the screen) and your font will change.

I tried to run through this scenario as presented in the video, but I do not get a dialog box asking if I want to use an anchor. Wondering if this is now an option which is disabled on my laptop, or is the anchor even used any more?