Good afternoon, how cam i do that?
Purpose of this document is to provide assignment definition for a simple RPA developers task utilizing the UiPath RPA platform.


  • Input File in MS Excel „Input.xlsx“, this file to be located in the folder INPUT (anywhere on the local PC)
  • OUTPUT folder anywhere on the local PC
  • Web browser


  • robot goes to INPUT folder, navigates itself to file „Input.xlsx“ and opens this file
  • robot opens web browser and opens the web site
  • robot takes INS parameter (cell D2) and copy/paste it into the web site INS data input field, then it hits „Potvrzení výběru“ button at the bottom of the page (Hint: simple hitting ENTER does the same)
  • web site returns the record from the database, robot needs to click on „Detail“, web site returns detailed view on the case
  • robot hits the tab „Oddíl P – Přihlášky“ (last tab) and download the document „plný text (734 kB)“ – first line, in the column „Dokument“.
  • Robot save the downloaded file in the OUTPUT folder (Hint: it is a .pdf file)

UiPath platform to be used for the automation. Only the happy/main path is needed (no need to deal with unnecessary exception scenarios).

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Hi @Svetlana_Grichshenko welcome to forum :blush::blush:

  1. use open browser activitiy to open the webpage

  2. use read cell activitiy with cell provided as “D2”
    and store the data in string variable let’s say a

  3. using type into activity, type the a variable into the data input field, and use enter key for processing , for that in click on + section of type into activity and click on enter

  4. after that use click activitiy to click on Detail

  5. after that use another click activitiy to click on OddilP- Prihlasky to download the file

  6. when u click on download button, save as dialog box will appear and in that provide the path of file where you want to save your file

Like if ur OUTPUT folder is in workflow folder itself, we can type the path as


file name is varible who value u can provide as name of file which u are saving

After typing the file path, click on save button
the file will be saved in output folder

This is way you can automate ur work

Hope it helps you

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