Automation for Excel as input for Web Page and ouput from this Webpage

I’m not a developer at all…
I’m searching for a UI template that allows me to implement a very simple robot
Environment: one excel file , one web site with an already open page (Golf federation for ranking of non professional golfers)

The process for each line in the excel (only one column, the key for the web transaction)

  • grab data from excel
  • go to the open web page,
  • go to a special field (where to enter the key)
  • paste data from excel,
  • activate the send button .
  • as a result, the pageb shows the details for the key (presented as a one line data table)
  • copy the line
  • goback to excel,
  • copy on the following colums the datas
    Do you think that this is easy to implement?
    Is tehre any simple example to do that?
    Thanks for help


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I would request you to register in UiPath academy website and do the RPA Developer foundation course first.