Filling online forms using MS Excel inputs


Appreciate if anyone would provide me step by step solution to automate a process using Uipath which involves filling up an online forms using MS excel inputs.

Before this, i have sucessfully created the sequence whereby upon receiving the approved request, the robot will save the approved form in MS excel to a specific folder. This MS excel contains all the required fields for my online form.

Sample Fields to fill up and sample data:
Project Code: E1100000
Name: Project Z
Descriptions: To purcahse a building
Validity dates: 23.08.2019

Thank you.


The basic approach should be:

  1. Read the information from the Excel sheet using either a read range activity or a collection of read cell activities
  2. Navigate to the url of the online form
  3. Use Type Into activities to populate the relevant information into the relevant cells in the form
  4. Click submit