Inheriting assets

Hi everyone,

I am using Modern folders and Orchestrator 2020.10. I have the following folder structure:


  • Department 1
  • Department 2
  • Department 3

If I create an asset into the Production parentfolder, automatically the subfolders Department 1, Department2 and Department 3 could use it? or should I create the same asset into Department 1, Department 2 and Department 3.

Tks a lot

Hi @sergio.moreno

In the hierarchy Modern folder, they were not assigned by default. The assets weren’t visible until you provide an appropriate rights to it.

Take reference from given link


Tks for your help. As far as I understood you create assets per folder and you configure the rights for each user into a folder. My question is how could I create an asset in the parent folder and then how to use that asset on subfolder. My idea is to create a process in the subfolder which can take some assets which are created on the parent folder