Tenant wide assets

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Is there an option to create “tenant wide” assets that can be used across folders and subfolders if the folder structure and access is segregated on function levels with a subfolder for each processes running in that function?


- Process I-1
- Process I-2
- Process I-3
- Process F-1
- Process F-2
- Process F-3
- Process H-1
- Process H-2
- Process H-3

In the example above Process I-1, Process F-2 and Process H-3 uses the same API key to get access to a system hence the API key should be created as a generally available asset.


You can do this by linking assets to folder


Create a global assets & assign it for all the three folder

Hi @jacchr
Use the Manage Link feature in Assets to map into all folders.


Kaviyarasu N

Hi @Anil_G

But do you know if you then need to have access to that folder where you are linking from?


The asset that you link will be displayed in all the 3 folders and each person who is having access to that folder can access…they need not have access to the main folder where it is created…as it reflects under each


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