Inherit processes in folder structure (modern folder)

When using a modern folder structure, can I add “global” processes that will spread down in subfolders? Some of the processes needs to be “local” in subfolders, but others are more global and should be available to all folders(users). It looks like I have to add them to each subfolder? That would mean a lot of extra work and especially when a process is updated and I have to go in to each folder and update.

Hi David,

The best way to think about Folders and Processes is by analogy with, well, Folders and Applications in the file system. You control what Processes users have access to by applying the appropriate permissions to the Folder where the Process lives. The Assistant will display all the Processes a user has access to, across all folders.

Hi Nic!

Sounds natural, of course. But I’m not sure how to set the access on my “global processes”?

I need something like this:


  • [Department A]
  • [Department B]
  • [Department C]

Users in a group “A” should only have access to processes in [Department A] (start them manually in orchestrator, for instance), users in group “B” for [Department B] etc. But, I also have global processes that I want all of them to be able to use. If I only add them in [Root], they are not accessible for these groups. If I add permissions for A,B and C in root - they can access each others folders which is wrong. The only way to spread the global processes seems to be to add them in all folders? This is not a good option since I have to go in to all places when updates are made etc.

Can you create a “Shared” folder under root where you add all the users from A,B,C with execution permissions?

Sounds like a good solution, will try it!

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